Binh Quoi 1 "Your Own Place"

Address: 1147 Binh Quoi, Ward 28, Binh Thanh District, HCMC

Phone: 028 35565 891  – 0901 889 701

Tax code: 0300625210 – 030

Acreage: 34.635 m2

Binh Quoi 1

Being adjacent to Saigon River to the northeast with aide area of over 3ha, fresh & natural scenery with coconut trees, orchards, lawns, ponds, Binh Quoi 1 tourist area is known as a favorite village to rest, relax and enjoy Southern style food and drinks and an ideal destination of Ho Chi Minh City tourism.


Types of business:
– Meeting and conference rooms fully equipped
– Services:

  • Wedding photography & Videography:
  • Folk games
  • Rowing
  • Fishing
  • Cruises on the river


  • Hoa Mua, Hoa Sim, Hoa Cau, Bong lua 1, Bong lua 2 Restaurant providing Vietnamese delicacies with a capacity of 100 to 300 guests for weddings, conferences.
  •  Restaurants Thuy Ta 1 – 9 , Thuy Ta 10 serve traditional delicacies: Sauce Hotpot, Vegetable Hotpot, Five-color Salad, Roasted Chicken, Fried Rice
  •  Garden with large lawns with a total area of 7000m2 , which is suitable for outdoor weddings, conferences, picnics, and other collective activities.
  • The buffet with the theme “Break fresh ground in the South” includes a variety of food, and entertainment programs such as “Don ca tai tu”, lottery, folk games


Saturdays , Sundays and national holidays
Time 17h00 – 20h30
Ticket price: Adult: 320.000đ – Children: 190.000đ